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Zoono - Next Level Germ Protection

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

What makes the Zoono technology different than anything else available on the market today has to do with how the chemists at Zoono were able to evolve the active, germ killing “spikes” from the methanol base they have existed in for years into a stable, water-based formulation.

This process is the heart of the secret formula behind the proprietary Zoono technology. The Zoono chemists successfully created a 3-year shelf stable product which gave rise to all of the product manifestations. Since then, the Zoono technology has been rolled out across 45 different countries worldwide and a vast database of research and use cases have been generated. It is this arsenal of data that makes Zoono different from attempts other companies have made to bring a similar technology to market. No other product available today can cite this breadth of data in support of their product.

Challenging the roll out of this technology is the confusion created by competitors who claim to have a comparable product but our research into these offerings reveal important weaknesses across a range of important dimensions. Some make lofty claims that are unsupportable by research or make claims that are incompatible with the regulations set by the EPA and FDA.

Others do not have valid EPA registrations or are not FDA compliant. Still others are concentrated versions of the technology which require dilution by the user which exposes the resulting mixtures to a variety of complications which make those mixtures problematic. In some cases, the users make mistakes in concentration and other still may use tainted water and thus create a product which actually contains pathogenic microbes which the users then distribute in those resulting mixtures. Finally, these mixtures have short shelf lives and only effective for a few hours after mixing because the active ingredients precipitate out of solution.

Users unaware of this may be in fact applying completely ineffective products in the belief that they are still effective. In recognition of these pitfalls, Zoono products are made ready-to-use with the highest standards of manufacturing in facilities that are both EPA and FDA certified to the highest levels of rigor to ensure that Zoono products will deliver the greatest efficacy on a consistent basis.

Zoono take great pride in manufacturing and in the results we are able to deliver. We encourage our customers to explore the depth of our research and we welcome the opportunity to showcase our results and product efficacy.

In many cases, the best proof of this technology’s impact to our customers need is in proof of concept in the customer’s intended application which we encourage.

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