Z-71 Zoono Microbe Shield Surface Protectant Spray – 250ml


Currently the Zoono Z71 surface sanitizer is applied via service, refer to the Contact Uspage for more details.

Limited stock – Surface spray protectant to apply on all types of surfaces (Porous, non-porous, and textiles included) left to air dry. Protection remains fully effective for 28 days.

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Currently the Zoono Z71 surface sanitizer is applied via service for large premises, refer to the Contact Us page for more details.

A sanitizing germ protection spray that kills germs and helps keep surfaces and touch points protected for extended periods of time. All-Purpose compliments your existing cleaning routine and remains on surfaces for longer than your average disinfectant. Zoono remains active on surfaces and works in conjunction with your routine cleaning procedures.

  • Helps protect against bacteria for extended periods of time.
  • Forms an antimicrobial coating on surfaces
  • Use after cleaning for ongoing germ protection

Use for the following:

  • Floors
  • Kitchens/bathrooms
  • Door & Tap handles
  • Any other common touchpoints
  • Manufacturing
  • Materials and Fabrics
  • Medical